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Providing New Zealand with high-quality ~60-second smoke signals for every occasion. Available now, no license required. R18+

Finally, get high-quality coloured smoke bombs in New Zealand!

If you're looking to give your photography something different, or looking at offering something fun and unique for your clients, then we have you covered!

If you're an avid airsofter or paintball player wanting to get the upper hand in your games, SmokeGrenades has your back!

Real customers, real results

wedding smoke bomb photography


Red Wedding Smoke Photography


Airsoft smoke bombs New Zealand

Shane Thomas - ICS Captain NZ

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Smoke bomb maternity photo


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Smoke bomb photography New Zealand


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And here's what they have to say...


We wanted to film a music video that was different, so we thought “Let’s use Smoke.” A quick Google search and I found Smoke Grenades NZ.

The smoke was epic, the burn time fantastic and the end result was AMAZING! We are now planning to use smoke again in an upcoming photo shoot.

Thanks “Smoke Grenades” for being so helpful, you guys are so great to deal with.

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They produce a lot of smoke, much more than other brands that I have tried and are much cheaper than the marine smokes that we have used previously for other games. 

I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting that 'milsim' type smoke, from the look of the unit to the smoke produced, outstanding!!!!!

Shane Thomas - ICS New Zealand Captain

What we offer you...

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    Our smoke signals are a high-quality unit providing an excellent amount of smoke for your scenario. With realistic operation to that of a smoke grenade, there's the added safety of no flame ignition required to set these off. Each unit burns for around 60-seconds.
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    No need to stock up over firework season on inferior smoke bombs. Our smoke signal grenades are available all year round in New Zealand. what's more, you don't need a Controlled Substance License (CSL) to purchase, just be over 18 years old.
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    No matter the project, we've got a colour to suit you. Our smoke grenades are currently available in white, red, green, purple, and yellow. 
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    If you're at the bottom of the South Island or the top of the North, we can ship to you! Partnered with a top NZ Courier capable of shipping 1.4S Explosives, orders are shipped out promptly and often arrive within several days of ordering.

Not sure how our coloured smoke bombs can help you?


We bought 2 red and 1 purple smokes for our wedding shoot earlier this year and it was an absolute pleasure dealing with the team - so easy and hassle free and the actual smokes were amazing!

Ains Martinez

wedding smoke photography

Order today...

9-smoke pack


- 9 High-quality smokes

- Great for events

- Choose your colour(s)

- Nation-wide shipping


3-Smoke combo


- 3 High-quality smoke grenades

- Each having ~60-second burn time

- From 5 great colours

- Perfect introduction pack

- Choose your colour(s)

- Nation-wide shipping

Custom order


- Minimum order; 1 grenade

- Save more buying in bulk

- Choose your colour(s)

- Nation-wide shipping

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Cool burn technology

Our smoke signal grenades use a 'cool burn' ignition method to reduce fire risk

The important stuff: We strongly advise using smoke in outdoor situations only, they expel a lot of smoke. The units do get hotter as the unit burns, we never advise holding them, do so at your own risk. Never point coloured smoke directly at light colour garments at close range as light staining may occur. Avoid using in dry areas and be mindful of your surroundings, as with any pyrotechnics there is always a chance of fire, never leave units unattended. Get permission from landowners, council consents if in public. The SmokeGrenades team takes no responsibility for your miss use. An R18 product, ID will be required before shipment.